Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

Information for Prospective Students

The ABCP is about to launch its Diploma of Perfusion course. Please check back regularly for updates


Student Registration

In order to gain practicing certification, the candidate must be deemed suitable to work in an unsupervised manner by their training hospital. Students are then required to present to the Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) to sit the Board entrance exams. Pre-requisite entry for this examination requires:

  • the completion of the Masters Degree or ABCP Diploma of Perfusion Course
  • presentation of a log book detailing the completion of 200 cases.
  • Hospital / Supervisor sign off.

The exam format shall consist of:

  • 10 short answer essay question (3 Hours)
  • 120 multiple choice questions (2 Hours)
  • Oral examination (50 minutes)

It is a requirement that all students currently undergoing a traineeship within a hospital and who intend on presenting to the Board examinations register their student status with the ABCP. Periodic progress reports will also be required to be submitted following the completion of every 50 cases. These progress reports will need to be signed off by both the student and supervisor and will enable the ABCP to track student progress and maintain communication with students and supervisors. They are available to download below.

The ABCP now requests notification of all students currently undertaking a training programme within a hospital. Please address this to:

The Secretary ABCP

Email :


Trainee Sheets (PDF) Click to download