Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion


Candidates must be registered with the ABCP and have submitted their completed assessment and score sheets

Candidates must send their completed case logbook to the Board for verification. 

The logbook should contain the details of the 200 completed cases.

When the Board has verified the Candidate's  case logbook, the candidate will be  notified that they are eligible to present for the final examination.

The examinations are held in February and August, either in Melbourne or Auckland

The Exam format is:

Part 1 10 short essay questions 3 hrs
Part 2 120 multiple choice questions 2 hrs
Part 3 Oral exam 50 mins

The oral exam is conducted by two teams of examiners.

Each team has two members,  the candidate will  spend  25 minutes with each team, with a ten-minute break. Topics include equipment, CPB scenarios, troubleshooting, etc.

An example of multiple choice questions, with only one correct answer:

xx. A left superior vena cava:

  1. May be found in otherwise normal people
  2. May or not communicate freely with a right superior vena cava
  3. Usually drains via the coronary sinus
  4. All of the above

N.B The candidate has to pass all three sections

On successful completion of the final exam, the candidate will be awarded the Diploma of Perfusion. 


  1. If a candidate fails one or more parts of the exam they may sit those parts at the next sitting of the exams ie six months later.
  2. The full exam fee will be due for any part of the exam being undertaken.
  3. To sit for the exams candidates must have payed the exam fees prior to the sitting date.


  1. Candidates can download sample exam questions for the Oral exam here and for the Short answer exam here


This years exam papers can be downloaded below:

Multiple Choice Exam (MCQ) and the Short Answer (Written)