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Perfusion Student Registration

Perfusion students in clinical positions need to be registered with the ABCP more information can be found here


ABCP Executive

Every member of the ABCP executive is elected to serve on the Board for four (4) years. Each year one of the members positions comes up for election. This year that executive member is Chairman, Mr. Clarke Thuys. Clarke is stepping down from the ABCP executive, and is not seeking reelection. This vacancy has been filled by the outgoing Secretary, Mark Mennen. The vacant Secretary position has then been filled by Vincent Rajkumar. Sarah Armarego (who also nominated) is joining the ABCP in an unofficial capacity until the next AGM when the ABCP can propose their need for an extra member.

Further to this, the reintroduction of the ABCP diploma course has seen an increase in the work required by the members of the board to run the board and the course. To maintain a reasonable workload for the Board members, at the college AGM, the Board will seek an increase to its numbers from four(4) to eight(8). This will bring the Board numbers back to where they were before the introduction of the Swinburne University course. If this change is agreed to, the board will be required to coopt another four(4) willing members to serve on the ABCP.

If you are interested please contact ABCP Secretary Mr.Vincent Rajkumar


The registry of perfusionists has been updated. (September 2014)

The ABCP requirements for recertification have been finalised.  A copy of those requirements  can be viewed by clicking here.


Perfusion Education in Australia and New Zealand

In an email to all their students, Swinburne University announced in January  2010, that their Masters of Applied Science (Perfusion) course was going to be no longer offered.

The ABCP and ANZCP then had a small window to try and find a University that was both willing to,  and able to,  run the Masters program.
Over the last fifteen months the ABCP and ANZCP has approached Universities in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, and New Zealand. Unfortunately we have not been able to find any University that was able to provide a suitable program.
Units around Australia and New Zealand are appointing trainees and there is now no course  for these trainees to enrol into.
The ABCP still continues to try and find and find the course a new home in either an Australian or New Zealand University, however we had set ourselves a deadline of March 2011 to do so. This deadline has come and with no firm offer on the table the ABCP and ANZCP have to look at alternative ways of providing perfusion education in Australia and New Zealand.  
The ABCP will recommence providing the Diploma of Perfusion course as of June 2011.
This course will only be open to those employed in Hospitals as perfusionists or perfusion trainees. Once it has re-established the course, the ABCP will provide the content for it  for a minimum of six years.
This does not mean that the ABCP and ANZCP will cease to pursue alternative homes for the Perfusion course, on the contrary the ABCP and ANZCP will continue to look for alternative providers of perfusion education that are both suitable and economically viable for both the student and the ANZCP. The breathing space that running the course for a minimum of six years affords us, is that we will not feel pressured to rush any decisions, and therefore will be able to negotiate the best possible outcome for both the ANZCP and the future trainees.
The new course that the ABCP will offer will be a hybrid of the Swinburne Course and the original ABCP course. It is envisaged that students will be able to complete the course in a minimum of two and half years.
For information on enrolling into the course please visit the Board pages on the website or contact the secretary Mr. Mark Mennen.

Mark Mennen
Chairman ABCP


Position Statement from the ABCP

Following the growing number of requests from Perfusionists in Australia and New Zealand with foreign accreditation, and who wish to gain ABCP certification, the ABCP has decided the following:

Perfusionists with foreign registration and or accreditation will now be able to apply to the ABCP to gain recognition of their prior learning and experience :

  • 1. All cases will be considered individually by the ABCP

  • 2. Only those in current employment, as a perfusionist, by an Australian or New  Zealand Hospital will be considered for registration.

  • Applicants must have been employed for a minimum of three months before their application will be considered.

  • 3. Applicants must provide documentary evidence of Perfusion courses completed, their content and duration

  • 4. Applicants must submit letters from their immediate past employer and current employer attesting to their clinical competency and clinical experience. 

  • 5. Applicants must submit documentary proof of 50 cases completed within Australia and New Zealand.

  • 6. An application fee of $200.00

  • If the application satisfies the entry requirements of the ABCP, candidates will be invited to sit the ABCP certification exams. 
    Only upon the successful completion of these exams will the applicant gain ABCP certification.
    The exams will be subject to the normal fees and conditions and requirements that apply to all Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean candidates.
    *Applicants must have completed a minimum 200, (150 Overseas and 50 in ANZ) cases as per ABCP requirements to qualify for the certification exams. Documentary proof is required

    For further information visit the Board pages on the ANZCP website or contact the ABCP secretary Vincent Rajkumar.

    Mark Mennen
    Chairman ABCP


    ABCP Exams

    This years exam papers can be downloaded below:

    Multiple Choice Exam (MCQ) and the Short Answer (Written)

    The next exams will be held in Melbourne in August

    Those intending to present for the exams please contact Mr. Vincent Rajkumar, ABCP Secretary


    Units with new trainees, who are enrolled in the Swinburne Perfusion course, should register them with the ABCP secretary 

    Exam Fees

    Important: candidates are reminded that the exam fee must be paid before they can sit for the exam.

    Candidates who present for any of the ABCP exams will be charged a $500.00 exam fee.

    This fee will apply to candidates who are sitting, or resitting, one or all sections of the exam.


    The registry lists all currently certified