Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion


The candidate's nominated supervisor must undertake to:

  • Make suitable time available in the course of the working day for the candidate to study, attend lectures and make the required reading for the Course modules available.
  • Arrange additional lectures or tutorials for the candidate at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Make sure that the appropriate reading materials are made available to the candidate.
  • Arrange for the candidate to visit other centres, if certain procedures are not carried out in their unit, e.g. cell saving, paediatric perfusion, ECMO, etc.
  • Arrange practical and theoretical tutorials to test candidate for specific objectives in the Course subjects.

NOTE: The Supervisor is required to date and initial the relevant columns of the Specific Objectives as the candidate is examined. The Supervisor can nominate other tutorial examiners for tutorial or practical assessment for module objectives. All nominated examiners should be listed below.

  • There is a degree of overlap in the modules, which is described in the Guide for the Candidates; this should be considered when examining the candidate.
  • At the completion of each section of the modules, a three hour written examination will be given by the Supervisor.

The Exam will be a total of ten short answer questions set by the Board. The candidate will sit for their sectional exam on completion of each module, at their own unit and at a time convenient to candidate and Supervisor.
Further details of these exams will be forwarded to each Supervisor by the Board.
Should the candidate fail the module examination, the candidate should revise the module and resit examination. 

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